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Top 10 FAQs
When will Financial Aid be disbursed to my CSS student account?
When are refunds processed?
When is my bill due?
How is the Benedictine Scholarship calculated for Traditional Undergraduate Students?
What is the enrollment fee?
When is my tuition payment due?
Where do I find a list of jobs available for work study?
What if I have tuition assistance through my employer?
Employer Reimbursement Plan Payment
Do I qualify for work study?
What is a "Health Service Deductible"?

Recently Added FAQs
Why does my total aid offered exceed the total costs displayed?
What fees will I be charged on my bill?
What is a Health Service Fee?
What is a Technology Fee?
What is a Student Service Fee?
Why was I selected for Verification?
Is this what my aid will be for all 4 years, or will it change?
How do I know whether or not my scholarship(s) are renewable?
Are there additional CSS scholarships available to me as I progress toward graduation?
Do I have to use my CSS email account? Why?

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